Bingos Platter

Bingos Salad

All About Bingos


Philly Cheese (with grilled onions and bell peppers)
Chicken and Cheese (seasoned Mediterranean chicken)
Cheese Pizza (Vegetarian)
Chocolate (Nutella and almonds grilled to order)


Mediterranean wraps stuffed with delicious
ingredients and grilled to perfection

All meats are 100% certified HALAL

 1 Piece Bingos                                  $7

2 Pieces Bingos                                 $13

3 Pieces Bingos                                 $19

5 Pieces Bingos (Family Deal)                $30


Includes 20 pieces of bingos ( of your
choice (mix and match) with all
sauces on the side


Bingos Salad

Turmeric rice, bingos of your
choice, toppings and sauces.

Small (16oz)        with 1 bingos               $17
Medium (32oz)    with 2 bingos              $24
Large (44oz)        with 3 bingos              $31


P.s Extra Scoop of meat $3

Rice Bowl

Rice Bowl

Turmeric rice, one scoop of protein, toppings & sauces

Proteins: Steak - Grilled Chicken Breast - Fava Beans

Toppings: Lettuce - Red Onions - Tomatoes - Jalapeños - Banana Pepper -                         Shredded Cheese

Sauces: Signature Bapu's Sauce - Creamy Garlic Sauce - Bapu's Hot Sauce

Sizes & Prices:

Small        16oz               $13

Medium     32oz              $23

Large        44oz               $29


Ps. Extra Scoop of meat for $3